AWS Summit Bengaluru 2024: My Experience

AWS Summit Bengaluru 2024: My Experience

May 15th: Business Edition - Key Learnings from Each Session

Opening Session: Customer Centricity and Continuous Improvement

Speaker: Jaime Valles, Vice President, Amazon Web Services
Takeaway: The session underscored AWS's relentless focus on customer-centric innovation, highlighting their Day 1 philosophy as a driving force for continuous improvement and innovation.

Next-Gen Banking: Shift Right Strategy

Speaker: Ramesh Lakshminarayanan, Group Head, Information Technology, HDFC Bank
Takeaway: An insightful discussion on the future of banking, emphasizing the strategic shift towards right-shifting in software development to enhance banking operations and customer experiences.

Digital Revolution in Travel: Touchless Onboarding at Bangalore and Indian Airports

Speaker: Suresh Khadakbhavi, CEO, DigiYatra Foundation
Takeaway: The transformative potential of touchless onboarding technologies was illustrated, promising to revolutionize air travel similarly to Aadhaar and UPI, with significant global implications.

Generative AI: Enhancing Customer and Employee Experiences

Speaker: Thirumala Arohi, Executive Vice President, Global Head, Education, Training & Assessments & Head, India Business Unit and Platforms, Infosys
Takeaway: Explored the comprehensive benefits of Generative AI in improving customer interactions and employee workflows, demonstrating its pivotal role in organizational transformation.

Modern Enterprise Resilience and Innovation

Speaker: Prabhu Rangarajan, Co-Founder, M2P Fintech
Takeaway: Showcased how modern companies are leveraging resilience and continuous innovation to maintain a sharp customer focus, reinforcing the importance of adaptability in today's market.

Integrating Services for Generative AI Success

Speaker: Sirish Chandrasekaran, General Manager, Amazon RDS, Amazon Web Services
Takeaway: Detailed how AWS services synergize to empower Generative AI, driving customer success and delivering substantial value through integrated solutions.

ISV and Partner Booth Sessions

Participants: 35+ AWS ISV and Partners
Takeaway: Real-time use cases presented by AWS partners demonstrated the practical applications of AWS products, offering hands-on insights into solving complex business problems.

Personal Highlights and Special Moments

  • Certification Achievement: Thrilled to receive a Golden Jacket at the Certification Lounge, a testament to my resiliency and commitment towards continuous learning. Special thanks to Rohith and Puneet Sharma for this honoring with golden jacket.

  • Speaking Opportunity: Grateful for the opportunity to deliver my first talk at a major AWS event. Appreciation to Shafraz and Ridhima for selecting my topic, which contributed to a diverse and insightful agenda.

Community Engagement: Connecting with AWS Heroes, User Group Leaders, and Community Builders was immensely rewarding, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking.


  • Memorable Memento: The thoughtful memento received is a cherished reminder of this enriching experience from Ridhima Kapoor - Developer Marketing Lead - AWS

May 16th: Technical Edition - Key Learnings from Each Session

Efficient HPC Architectures

Speaker: Santanu Dutt, Head of Technology, APJ, Amazon Web Services
Takeaway: The session demonstrated efficient architectures for building cost-effective High-Performance Computing (HPC) parallel clusters, highlighting innovative use cases and architectural best practices using AWS Services.

Technological Advancements in the Auto Industry

Speaker: Reema Jain, Chief Information & Digital Officer, HeroMoto Corp
Takeaway: Insightful exploration of how Hero MotoCorp is leveraging AWS to drive technological adoption, revolutionizing the auto industry through innovative digital solutions.

This AWS Summit Bangalore was a profoundly enriching experience, offering a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and practical insights into the future of cloud computing and its applications across various industries.