Revealing the Magic of Seattle and AWS: My Adventure as an Exam SME

Revealing the Magic of Seattle and AWS: My Adventure as an Exam SME

Ah, Seattle, the land of coffee, rain, and—wait for it—AWS magic! Picture this: nestled amidst the iconic Space Needle and Pike Place Market is a hidden gem where AWS SMEs gather to contribute to certification exams.

I like to share about my enchanting experience as an AWS Certification Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Seattle.

Seattle's charm isn't just in its skyline or the buzzing tech scene; it's also in the vibrant AWS community that thrives here. My AWS journey began with a serendipitous encounter at re:Invent 2018, where I stumbled upon the AWS Certification SME booth. I remember my first time conversational about SME program. I then started working on my certification and completed all Current 12 Live AWS Certification and 1 more recent announced AWS Certification on Data Engineer Associate.

Fast forward 6 Years, After got a chance to be part of JTA (Job Task Analysis), Here I am here at Seattle, Get another chance to be part of AWS Certification SME workshop, where AWS experts and certified individuals from diverse backgrounds gathered joined together in-person to share their wisdom and contributed for AWS certification exams.

Join SME Program

To qualify as an AWS Certification Subject Matter Expert (SME), individuals must meet specific criteria. This includes having relevant hands-on experience with AWS, strong English reading and writing skills, and a minimum of one year of hands-on experience for Foundational- and Associate-level exams, or two years for Professional-level and Specialty exams. Additionally, SMEs must hold valid credentials for existing certifications or possess a relevant certification at the required level, along with two to three years of equivalent hands-on experience for new certifications.

Exam Development Process

  • Job Task Analysis (JTA): SMEs define core competencies for certification, creating a blueprint for exam content.

  • Blue Print Survey: Industry experts validate content areas and their importance for the exam.

  • Item Writing: SMEs create exam questions based on the blueprint, drawing from real-world scenarios.

  • Item Review: Items undergo multiple reviews for accuracy, clarity, and fairness before approval.

  • Beta Exam: Approved items are tested in a beta exam to gauge candidate responses and determine inclusion in live exams.

  • Standard Setting: SMEs determine live exam content and passing score based on beta exam results.

  • Live Exam: Candidates meeting or exceeding the passing score become certified.

  • Item Refresh: New items are tested on live exams for future use based on statistical performance.

Amazing Experience at Seattle

Exploring the iconic Seattle Space Needle and the Amazon Office, The Spheres, was an exhilarating experience. Indulging in Seattle's renowned seafood and coffee added culinary delight to the adventure. However, the true highlight was engaging in enriching conversations with AWS experts from diverse corners of the globe, exchanging insights and experiences that illuminated the boundless possibilities of cloud and AI technology.


How might this opportunity humble me?

The opportunity to participate in the AWS Certification SME workshop felt like a culmination of my learning journey. Surrounded by fellow experts and certified individuals, I realized the depth of knowledge and experience within the community. Collaborating with such diverse backgrounds and sharing insights for certification exams has been incredibly humbling, reminding me of the endless opportunities for growth and learning within the AWS ecosystem.